PT0S – St Peter and St Paul Rocks


St Peter and St Paul Rocks is at the time being positioned as #15 on ClubLog's most wanted list and reperesents the pearl in my log. PT0S is an ATNO (all time new one) for me on my way to Honor Roll. Being so rare, I knew that it will be tough. Between this lonely Atlantic island and me is located a great wall of Italian and Spanish ham radio community -- the largest ham-radio community in Southern Europe. Distance of about 6500 km to the Rocks is relatively small. Propagation is good, solar cycle is at its peak. But how to break through The Great Wall?

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Going digital - VK2DX


I'm interesting in digital communications, of course. But, focus of my interest there is not on communication itself, rather on "PC is doing something". I like to connect PC to "something", doesn't matter what is it, and see how it works together. Fortunatelly, radio and computer works fine. Usually. Main problem, as far as I can see, is how to setup properly ALC gain and make your own signal clean. It is really very bad to see "dirty" signals which is very wide. Also, it is not necessary (usually) to run all of your power, spare your amplifiers for SSB.

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T30PY - Western Kiribati, Tarawa Atoll


Although Western Kiribati is not positioned very high at ClubLog's most wanted list T30PY was almost new one for me. Previously I had only one QSO with T30 on 20m CW, but no luck with QSL card. So far this is an oustanding DX-pedition covering all bands, even EME on 6m as T30SIX. Signal in Europe is good on all bands where I can hear them. Minor problem is on 80m but they just start with 80m operations. The best time for this part of the year in Europe is to try to get them short path during afternoon hours. Signals on 20, 30 and 40m are quite good and there are very good operators, who handle pile-ups very fast. A real pleasure to chase them. What makes this DX-pedition different?  

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JG8NQJ/JD1 - Minami Torishima (Marcus)


Once you decide to go for DXCC all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. I got today one very rare country - Minami Torishima island. This is the only station I ever heard in 30 years, got him on 15m CW after week of chasing and I got my QSL card from his manager JA8CJY a month after QSO. That is #299 confirmed, mixed. And #283 in CW, probably Monenegrin record (hello Ranko :) ).

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TT8TT - Chad


Another nice DX-pedition by Silvano I2YSB and Italian DXpedition Team. Although Chad is not one of the rarest DXCC countries in the air, it was nice to put it in the log. Highlight of the activity is, as far as I am concerned, QSOs on 6m CW and SSB. Still need TT on RTTY.

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ZD9UW - Tristan da Cunha


Tristan da Cunha is one of the of the 50 most wanted DXCC countries, placed at position 49 at ClubLog's most wanted list. Certainly, an ATNO (All-Time-New-One) for me. First day of operation I tried to contact Rob M0VFC who is operating ZD9UW but no luck on 15m SSB. Fortunately, 10M SSB on the second day saved my sanity. That is #304 for me, 27 to the Honor Roll

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... I decided to go online with this web site although I am avare that it is not even close to the main idea.

It will be updated regularly with new articles mostly about operation techniques, small tips and tricks and home tests with equipment, computers and antennas.

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